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528-1(3in1)Tornado Potato Cutter-spiral potato chips curly fries twist hot dog

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3in1 New (2.5mm)  Stainless Steel Manual Spiral Potato Chips Twister Slicer Cutter Tornado potato (with CE) 


528-1(3in1)=can do
1.spiral potato chips(1.jpg)     2.curly  fries(2.jpg)    3.twist hot dog (3.jpg)

1.1.spiral potato chips(1.jpg)    

2.curly  fries(2.jpg) 

   3.twist hot dog (3.jpg)

==============you need read below!
many customers often talk to me :
they order potato cutter from other company with 2 problem:


1--Potato chips uneven thickness(some chips is Thick,some chips is thin)

2--potato Fracture(last ,it is not chip on a stick )


i need tell you Reason:
1-They use stainless iron material, material thickness of only 0.6mm,when you cutting ,machine body will Shaking
2.blade =not Sharp


our machine never happen that problem !in china ,many factory copy my facotry potato cutter design of 2009 year .
We are expert in designing and manufacturing the potatoes machine (With CE)

so ,you dont worry  it

but ,our potato cutter is not cheaper,=Quality Assurance


We have already received: two projects in China Spiral potato Patent

N.W. 1.5 KG
G.W. 2 KG

Size (mm): 330*120*170
Efficiency 5 second/one
Material Stainlees Steel


1.spiral potato chips(1.jpg)
2.curly  fries(2.jpg)
3.twist hot dog (3.jpg)

my factory ====

 1. the thickness of the plate material is 2.5 mm 

 2.perfect in workmanship 

3. blade material is 2.5mm 

4.the copied  factories ,only use 0.6 mm stainless iron


 We are the manufacturers of the 528 Spiral potato chips machine( the electric/manual Twisted chips machine Tornado Potato Chips Machine/spiral potato cutter

We are expert in designing and manufacturing the potatoes machine (With CE)

Controlled Easy, Low Cost, High Demand, and can be done by anyone!
Businesses that require only minimal space is best marketed in the concentration of people such as the expo, night markets, schools, restaurants, cafes, carnivals and supermarkets.

528 chiptwister machines 
 be used in mobile trailers in conjunction with other food items.

you can also combine528 chip twister with our other bussiness opportunities
--snow nice for a lucrative 2 in 1 business

check out the new crispy 528 chip twister here,using our electric ,easy-to-use ,no hassle machine

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