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The tornado potato to blow you away!

The tornado potato to blow you away!

This unique street food snack is not only a fun feast for the eyes but insanely delicious to eat!

Locally sourced and hand picked so we bring you only the finest spuds, hand crafted, spun to perfection and fried to a golden crispiness for nom nom deliciousness!

Imagine these now made with sweet potatoes or courgettes which are absolutely delectable.
The tornado potato to blow you away!

You can sprinkle your Tornado with a variety of flavoured toppings including parmesan cheese, curry spice, salt & vinegar or add a dip of your choice, even top it with chilli & nacho cheese ... sure to please everyone.

Not into potatoes, then have an original American Hot Dog or Chilli Cheese Dog!

Being family owned and operated, means we are committed to bring you the tastiest and most eye appealing fun snack around.

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