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GrowingChip Twister Cutter makes twisted potato chips
(also called, ), a string of delicious fried potato on a stick.

GrowingChip Twister Cutter is a great product to use at home, restaurants / hotels, or start a business.
★★★ Small business ★★★
Sell spiral potato in parks, concessionaries, stadiums, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls, local festival booths, or on streets. Expand your current business with selling spiral potato. With our Twister Cutter, the spiral potato will be ready to be fried in just 30 seconds.
★★★ Party/catering ★★★
This is a unique vegetable slicer which can make various dishes such as sweet potato tornado chips, carrot spiral chips, spiral cucumber, onion strands, red cabbage slicing, etc. Use our Twister Cutter to serve fun and delicious tornado potato in party or catering.
★★★ Gift ★★★
It is very suitable to use our Twister Cutter as market promotion or giveaway gifts. You will be amazed at the high benefit/low cost with sending our good quality to your clients.
All snack bars, fast food kiosks, mobile food vendors, and anyone interested in making curly fries concept should look into this great product.

Process to make the Potato Twisted Chips

1=) Take a medium potato (washed and unpeeled), insert the skewer (diameter 5mm, length400mm),
blunt end first, into the center of the potato.
2=) Put the skewered potato into the Twister Cutter. Turn the crank handle.
3=) Put the potato into 180/200 degree C oil for max 3 minutes (Depending on the size and strength
of your deep fryer, multiple units can be deep fried at the same time). Remove twisted chips from
the oil. Allow excess oil to drip back to your oil bath.
4=) Season the tornado potato chip, or allow customer use the seasoning themselves.

Normally, two people can handle this process: one person cut and deep fry potato, the other one take
orders/money and hand product to customers.

    Affordable and profitable machine.

    Best quality STAINLESS blades that WOWs many chefs, including many manufactures of Peelers in Switzerland and Germany and many other countries in world.
    Best quality is acknowledged and getting positive results.
    Using our machine and various mouth-watering seasoning for your own business.
    Fun and high profit.
    As easy on the go snack, no mess, no fuss!

To Buyers:
GrowingCorp do not cover return postage fee; buyers are responsible for that.
However, we will make refund for the item price and the shipping fee, once we received the machine as new and undamaged.

To international buyers:
GrowingCorp is not responsible for international customs import charges. If buyers are buying out side of the CHINA and got picked and charged by the customs in your country, buyers are responsible for the charge themselves.

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