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Twisted Chips Potato Slicer

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TWISTED CHIP's New Designed professional Ribbon Fry slicer and Spral Fry cutter for all your potato fry products

Twisted Chips Ribbon Fry Cutter

The well-known heavy duty Stainless Steel Twisted Chips potato fries cutter is designed to do the job for many years to come by restaurants, catering companies and food carts. Twisted Chips EasyChip also called the Twisted Chips Crazy Potato Slicer cut almost everything you want to produce. It comes standard with all Parts and cutting blades. With the Twisted Chips Crazy Potato Slicer you can cut: Ribbon fries, Curly fries, Shoestring fries, Hash Browns, Tornado Potatoes, Tornado Banana, Tater dog, Sweet potato and lots of vegetables. All this with just ONE MACHINE !!

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  Certificates: ISO CE

Start a TWISTED CHIPS Potato Fry Stand!

Potato Fry products are probably the most popular kind of fast food product sold in North America and Canada. Starting a potato Fry stand may be just the new business opportunity that you've been for years searching for.

Ideally, a Potato fry stand should be located in the high traffic areas such as mall food courts, beach areas, or close to schools.
To be different than the crowd, you must sell all Potato products you can make with the Twisted Chips Crazy Potato Slicer. To begin with, Sell Ribbon fries, Curly fries, Shoestring fries, Tornado Potatoes and Tater dogs and sell them with toppings such as cheese, chili, salsa, gravy or just about any other type of sauce. This low investment startup business will give you the money you are looking for
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